Is My Child Ready to Start Taking Piano Lessons?
    The best way to find out if your child is ready to start piano lessons is to take your
    child for to a try - out lesson with an experienced piano teacher, and see how
    he/she does. However, here are some signs of readiness that you can look for:

    The child shows an interest in music.
    Does your child like singing, listening to music, do they try to "play" the piano? Talk
    to your child - does he, or she want to take piano lessons? Learning how to play
    the piano is very rewarding, but it is also a commitment of time and consistent
    practicing, so it is very important that your child has a genuine desire.

    Knows how to count up to 10.
    Being able to count up to ten is necessary for understanding the different note
    values, and time signatures. Ability to do simple addition up to ten is helpful as well.

    The child can keep their focus on a task for at least 10 minutes.
    I always alternate activities to keep the lesson interesting and enjoyable, however
    the  student needs to be able to focus for at least 10 minutes at a time.

    He/ She understands that they will need to practice.
    It is best to make your child's  piano practice a part of their daily routine, but with if
    this is not possible, at least three practices a week would keep your child
    progressing at a steady speed. This does not mean spending large amounts of
    time sitting at the piano, rather, experts have found that short practices, about 10-
    15 minutes once, or twice a day, make for the best success rates. For older
    children, 8-9 and above longer practices are recommended.

    Many of my students started taking piano lessons when they were 5 - 6 years old.  
    Research is showing that the natural sense of pitch and rhythm is at its peak
    between ages of 4-6.When a child's interest is sparked in these formative years the
    long term benefits are much more substantial.

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