Piano Lessons
I love working with children, and with adult students at different ages and levels. I am
patient, kind and encouraging because I believe that students learn best in a calm and
friendly environment.

Each piano lesson is individually designed according to the student's goals, needs, and
level. I teach Music Theory, Sight Reading, Piano Performance, Piano Technique, all
music fundamentals. We play music of various musical styles according the student's
preferences, and needs - Classical, Blues, Pop, Jazz, etc.

My students have the opportunity to perform in Piano Recitals twice a year. My adult
students are not required to perform unless they choose to do so.


30 min. Lesson-  $30. Recommended for levels Beginner to Late Elementary               

45 min. Lesson-  $42. Recommended for levels Intermediate and Advanced
Recitals -           $17- for each performing student. Required for all children.
                        Our recitals are held twice a year.

Copies-                $.15 / page

The tuition for the whole month is due
on the first lesson of the month*. If for any reason
you have to reschedule this lesson you still need to mail your payment so it can be
received in time. You can pay by a personal check, or in cash. If a lesson is missed, it may
be rescheduled.

Prices and fees are subject to change at any time. However, the instructor will make every
effort to give all current students a 30 days notice.

*If your payment is past due for more than 7 calendar days, a late fee of $5 will be
charged. If your payment is past due for 14 calendar days student's lessons will be
discontinued until the monthly tuition has been paid in full.

Lesson Rescheduling

Lessons are scheduled year round except on major holidays. If necessary a lesson may
be rescheduled. The instructor must be made aware of and confirm lesson rescheduling at
least 24 hours prior to appointment times, except in the cases of sudden illness, in which
cases instructor must be made aware of and confirm rescheduling at least two hours prior
to appointment times.

Failure to give notice and receive confirmation of rescheduling within these time frames
will result in client’s forfeiture of payments for cancelled lessons. Frequent rescheduling of
any kind may result in student’s removal from instructor’s roster and loss of student
benefits, including but not limited to those outlined on instructor’s Website.


I like to use  Alfred's Basic Course, but I am flexible and can use other teaching methods
depending on the students needs and goals. For students that are 5-6 years old I like to
use Alfreds's Prep Course, for those that are 7-9 years old I use Alfred's Basic Course, or
Alfred's Basic piano course for the Later Beginner.  We also supplement with other piano
literature so my students can play their favorite musical pieces, and so that they can
develop proper and adequate piano hand technique.

Please contact me to determine the correct level for each student.

Students need to have :

Theory Book, Lesson Book, Technic Book, and Solo or Recital Book.  
Each book is about $6 - 8 and may be bought at  our
Amazon Store.

Students also need to have an Assignment Book -  a notebook of your choice where I
can write down the student's assignments for the following week.

As the student progresses, you may be asked to purchase other materials, such as a
metronome, and additional musical literature.

If you have any questions send an e-mail to

13349 Montego Dr. Poway, CA 92064 Tel. 858.748.8944, 858.248.2490/c/

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