public and gives them a feeling of accomplishment .

My students participate in recitals twice per year.

We have a Christmas Recital in the beginning of December, and a Spring Recital that
takes place in May or in the beginning of June. To them and to their parents our recitals are
very special events.

Our recitals are non - competitive.

In my opinion competitions are not appropriate for younger children, and even older students
should not be "forced" to compete unless they choose to do so. Instead, I prefer my students
to learn to perform and gain confidence in a friendly environment, in front of an encouraging
and appreciating audience. I have students from children to adults, levels from beginner to
advanced, and after each recital they  get inspired from each other's progress.
My adult students are not required to participate in the recitals unless they choose to do so.

After each recital we have refreshments and get a chance to meet old friends or to make new
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