• Brent Ditri Avatar
    Brent Ditri
    10/21/2018 - Google

    As an older piano student with multiple kids it is difficult find time to practice piano, let alone structure a curriculum for advancement. Having learned an instrument in the past... read more

    M Border Avatar
    M Border
    11/06/2017 - Google

    Rosie is an excellent teacher. I am an adult student and hadn't played the piano in 30+ years. It was like starting over. In a fairly short... read more

    balakrishna narla Avatar
    balakrishna narla
    11/23/2019 - Google

    Mrs. Rosie is an excellent piano teacher. My daughter liked her Piano classes very much. She teaches one student per class so the focus, communication and co-ordination with the student... read more

    Lily and Randy Prast Avatar
    Lily and Randy Prast
    10/25/2017 - Google

    My son has been taking piano lessons from Rosie for well over a year now and he loves it! Rosie is wonderful with children, very patient and kind. I would... read more

  • Nathan Mundy Avatar
    Nathan Mundy
    10/04/2017 - Google

    My kids have been going to Rosie for a few years now and we just love her! They came in knowing nothing about piano/music and now can play beautifully and... read more

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