Advance to Music Piano Studio

We have solved the “Practice Problem.” 

Your child can learn to play piano Much faster than in regular piano lessons.

"Growing up I spent many years learning how to play the piano. I took lessons twice a week , and practiced a lot. I was wondering if there was a way to learn faster... I could not wait"!


My Accelerated Program students pass their levels much faster, often 50% faster than in regular piano lessons. The children often learn 5 to 6 pieces a week in the Primer Level. Students learn over 50 pieces in the first three months. Students learn all their new music pieces in detail with me during the lesson so practicing at home is easy. They learn their new music pieces quickly and become independent music readers.

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About Us

Piano Lessons for Children and Adults

students Go Through Their Piano levels much faster

children and adults play their favorite songs

all students learn how to read music quickly

Client Testimonials

Vanessa Angeles J. Avatar
Vanessa Angeles J.
5 star rating
- Yelp

We highly recommend Miss Rosie! She is patient and kind, and both my children really enjoyed learning piano with her. The lessons are thorough, but fun and the kids couldn't wait to come home and show me what they learned. Thank you Miss Rosie!

Janice W. Avatar
Janice W.
5 star rating
- Yelp

I am 75+ years old. My granddaughter has been taking lessons at Advance to Music for about 6 years. Having taken her to some of her lessons I saw how well Miss Rosie taught and interacted with her. That made me think I might be able to learn too. Am so happy I decided to try.... read more

Ryan B. Avatar
Ryan B.
5 star rating
- Yelp

100% recommend Rosie.

I was looking for a piano teacher (as an adult with no previous piano experience) and found Rosie on Yelp. As others have said, Rosie is patient, motivating and encouraging. She was comfortable moving at my pace and was not negative when I made errors. It is very comfortable to work with...
read more

Paul H. Avatar
Paul H.
5 star rating
- Yelp

A year ago my two kids were miserable with their piano teacher. They had outgrown an intermediate teacher and were stuck with a teacher more qualified but with horrible teaching manners. Their joy of playing ceased and they wanted to quit. What to do?? We live in Yuma AZ and my choices were... read more

Pearl M. Avatar
Pearl M.
5 star rating
- Yelp

My son has alway want to play the piano, and we are excited to find Advance of Music, teacher Rosie. My son really enjoys having a class with her, she is very patiance and helpful. My son is having fun and when he gets home will practice his notes and play for me. Thank you Rosie.

Kim Y. Avatar
Kim Y.
5 star rating
- Yelp

Rosie is the best! She is very knowledgeable and patient with her students. She is always positive and uplifting during lessons. I was an adult learner and she always encouraged me to go further and play harder pieces than I thought I could ever play. But I did! Rosie is really the best!

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