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My love for playing the piano started in my early childhood.

I remember begging my mother to sign me up for piano lessons. We did not have a piano, so she rented one, signed me up for lessons, and my journey with music began. 

My dream was to learn how to play the piano very well and as fast as I could. I took piano lessons twice a week, every week for many years. I performed classical repertoires at many recitals, competitions, and concerts. Still, I felt like learning was taking so long… I could not wait to play better, more advanced pieces. 

I had great piano teachers

I was fortunate to learn from great piano teachers like Donka Jivkova, Silvia Gocheva, and Svetla Stoyanova, who greatly encouraged my love for music. They inspired me to work consistently toward my goal to be my very best. 

I continued my studies in piano performance throughout my high school years. I was accepted to the Kliment Ochridski University in Sofia, Bulgaria where I studied Music Theory, Piano Performance, History of Music, Choir Directing, and Music Pedagogy. I graduated, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Elementary Education, and a Specialization in Music Education. 

making learning fast and easy

I have been teaching music in public, as well as private schools since 1990.  I have had the privilege to perform in concerts on many occasions. I have also been a Music Director and a pianist at my church, both in Bulgaria and here in the United States, conducting music practices and performances. 

I have been giving private piano lessons to children and adults in Poway since 2001. I have also taught the Minimusic Course at the Montessori Child Development Center in Poway, CA.  

Are you ready to learn piano the fast, FUN, and easy way?


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"Growing up I spent many years learning how to play the piano. I took lessons twice a week, and practiced a lot. I was wondering if there was any way to learn faster... I could not wait!
I wish my teachers knew then what I know now..."


In my Accelerated Program students pass their levels much faster, often 50% faster than in regular piano lessons. The children often learn 5 to 6 pieces a week in the Primer Level. Students learn over 50 pieces in the first three months. Students learn all their new music pieces in detail with me during the lesson so practicing at home is easy. They learn their new music pieces quickly and become independent music readers.

Client Testimonials

5 star rating Our son came to Rosie not knowing how to read the music notes even though he had previous piano lessons. The previous teacher thought since he is autistic she would just taught him by ears, number and memorization. Within 3 months under Rosie, Nathan was able to read notes and progressed so fast that Rosie was confident to let him participate in the recital.

That was two years ago. Nathan loves coming to her lesson, wouldn't skipped even when he was under the weather. There is never pressure from Rosie to be perfect. The best part of Rosie is that she doesn't see Nathan as a disabled child and teaches him like she would teach a normal kid.

She is very firm yet patient and loving. My son doesn't get it easy just because he is a special need child. Thank you Rosie for believing in our son!!
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Dewi S.
5 star rating Ms. Rosie is an amazing piano teacher. She is patient, dedicated and passionate on what she does. She motivates and encourages her student to do the best ability that they can be. We are fortunate to have her as our daughter's piano teacher. Thank you Ms. Rosie for all that you do!
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RichCath N.
5 star rating Miss Rosie is an amazing teacher to kids and adults alike! My son and I are learning so much from her at a good pace, more than what you will learn from just books and video tutorials. She shows her dedication and passion for music with every lesson, especially during the recitals that she puts together to help kids develop confidence and share their musical talents.
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Sheryl R.